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Best things about Total 200? Course... and volunteers. Awesome course re-design. Loved it... and hated it at the same time. Great views... tough riding. Volunteers were INCREDIBLE. Thanks! Can't wait until next year! (Did I just say that out loud?)
Tom Collins


Total 200 2016 has been CANCELLED.
Total 200 is a one day double century bike ride (200 mile & 200 kilometer options) from Washington DC to Southern Maryland peninsula and back. No question, you need your A game when you show up. Take on the challenge to finish a double century in a single day and have fun doing it.

There are events, there are races, and then there are epic rides. Starting at dawn and not ending until near dusk (there are a few exceptions), cyclists start the journey from Capitol Hill traveling to the Southern Maryland, have lunch, and then venture home.

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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have made the decision to cancel Total 200 for 2016. We are an all-volunteer organization and some last-minute logistical issues arose that we just can't overcome on short notice. Additionally, we were faced with a deficit of volunteers that spread our resources too thin to produce an event that achieves the quality that Total 200 has become known for.
In the coming days we will be refunding 100% of your entry fees via PayPal and mailing your event t-shirts to you. We know that you have trained hard for the ride and have certainly earned the right to proudly wear our shirt.
Despite the cancellation, Total 200 remains committed to our charity parter, Mundo Verde Public Charter School. In 2015 we were able to make a sizable monetary donation to the school. And this year we donated a Yuba cargo bike to the 2016 Mundo Verde Gala that was awarded to a great family without a car. They have already logged many miles on it commuting their two boys to school!
We apologize for the inconvenience of this announcement and hope that you understand the disappointment that the Total 200 team feels. The safety of our riders and the event are paramount and we feel we have made the difficult but necessary decision for this year.

Congratulations to all the riders- you did a great job! We look forward to seeing you again. A HUGE thank YOU to every single volunteer during the event and the year leading up to to it. We certainly could not have put on such an awesome ride without you. Super special thanks to my family, Tim, Travis, Josh, Diane, John, Gonzales and Bryan! Happy riding.

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