Buzz about Total 200
It was one of the best rides I have ever been on!
Kevin Pierson
Support: We'll help you go the distance

Check Point Crew and Supplies
Volunteers: Please treat them politely! 
Nutrition products
Water / Ice
Fruits (bananas, oranges, grapes, etc)
Snacks, cookies, chips, etc
Lunch stop will also have sandwiches, chips and drinks.
Cue sheets in case you need another one.

No SAG Bus 

There no official SAG bus. We have had mixed reviews in years past about a SAG bus having to wait so late in the day and with the route options now available the decision was made to no longer have the bus. Please understand your limits and pick a distance you feel is appropriate for your fitness and the day. You’ll have opportunities to reassess during the ride. We are looking forward to having everyone ride into the finish line!


Special Needs Bags
For those doing the 200 mile ride, if you have special diet needs we will transport your food to the lunch stop (half way point). Please note that it will not be refridgerated and we will not be transporting any items back to the finish line.

Post Ride Celebration
You are invited to celebrate post ride with all your new found friends. Festivities will be held at the finish line. All are welcome, and you can purchase a meal ticket for your guests for $10 each (participants eat for free).