Buzz about Total 200
It was a great bike experience!!!!!
Map and Overview: A preview of the course

As with every year, we make some adjustments to the routes - 200 mile and 200k options. This year we've made some great changes that allow for better support and also more scenic roads.

2015 Route and Maps will be posted once all the changes have been approved.
Much of the ride will follow this past years route with exception to some changes and a possible new start/finish location.

2014 Map Files (Final routes updated 6/11/2014)
These links provide all the route and elevation profiles.
200 Mile Route 
200 Kilometer Route 
GPX and TCX Files should be downloaded directly from the Export function on the route links above. We can not be responsible for any technical assistance on GPS files or your GPS device. We will provide cue sheets at the start of the ride.

Cue Sheets (Final files updated 6/11/2014)
200 Mile Route  (PDF)
200 Kilometer Route  (PDF)


2014 Route Map Overview

Please view the map link above that has elevation profiles.