Buzz about Total 200
I'm always pleased and impressed with this ride every time I've done it as a rider or volunteer. It's fun and exhausting to do both, but it's also so rewarding to volunteer for a change. Such a fun, low-key event.
Emily Jacobs
2005, 2006, 2009
Map and Overview: A preview of the course

As with every year, we make some adjustments to the routes - 200 mile and 200k options. This year we have changed the various sections of the route to allow for better support and also optional milage distances. We have also changed the lunch stop to be available at multiple times. The rest follows closely the same route as previous years which featured some great scenic roads.

The biggest changes in the route came with options for different distances based on repeating certain stops. This primarily effects the 200 milers. Stops 2 and 3 are at the same location. Also stops 4, 5 and 6 are at the same location. There are roughly 40 miles from stop 6 to the finish (and a stop 7 approximately mid way) so please plan accordingly so you can bike in to the finish. If you need to reduce your milage in order to finish you can do so by not riding one of the sections between 2 and 3 or sections between 4 and 5 and/or 5 and 6. Also with riders that have early mechanical issues and still able to ride they can catch up. Reviewing the route link below will hopefully clarify any questions with regards to the route. 

The 200k Route will be the same sections as the 200 miler with only one stop repeat. Same logic applies, if you need to reduce your milage in order to finish you can do so by not repeating the rest stop #4 (third stop on your route) and continuing on to the finish.


NEW 2019 Route
The Start/Finish location is at Canal Park (2nd and L Streets SE) near Nationals Stadium and Navy Yard Metro.

DO NOT RELY ON COURSE MARKINGS FOR NAVIGATION. USE THE GPS ROUTE AND/OR CUE SHEETS!!! Participants should load the route into their GPS prior to the event to assist in navigation. 


2019 Map Files

These links provide all the route and elevation profiles.
200 Mile Route 
200 Kilometer Route 

GPX and TCX Files should be downloaded directly from the Export function on the route links above. We can not be responsible for any technical assistance on GPS files or your GPS device. We will provide cue sheets at the start of the ride.