Buzz about Total 200
The ride was unbelievable from every perspective! The volunteers were more like superheroes coming to our aid. The riders were great, the peanut butter sandwiches and enduralyte were lifesavers, and the logistical organization of the ride could not have been better.
Keith French
Participants: Signed up!

Participant List
Alphabetical listing by first name (as you entered it during registration) within registered event distance (mile/kilometer). Be prepared to show your ID at check in. If you believe you are registered and are not on the list make sure to contact us ASAP.

TOTAL 200 2016 TOTAL 200K (125 miles) 2016
bill burgess
chuck mcgee
cliff congo
eric amtsberg
gehr rachelle
jeff wahlbrink
john schimpf
michael phillips
michael elliott
michael cavanaugh
michael arsenault
peter hancock
rich michaels
robert wittman
robert barnwell
ronald buch
rosemberg vasquez
rostislav bogoslovskiy
scott amtsberg
stephen phillips
webb matthew
william sennett
darren zanon
david bunch
dominique calabrese
emily crinklaw-bunch
keith smiley
kevin wolfe
maria gonzales
michael thijssen
michael padilla
tim harger
valerie schneider
vincent morin